National Activity Professional Certification

The role of the Activity Professional has become more and more important over the years. With the new regulation changes, it is even more imperative that a qualified Activity Professional is directing the program. Being Nationally Certified ensures you have the knowledge base and the continuing education required to conduct the best programs.

Please make sure you are not using any of the certification designations behind your name unless you are actively certified. To do so otherwise is illegal. If certified, you have applied to the entity and met all their requirements. They will send you a card and certificate with your certification number and expiration date. Specific continuing education is required to maintain your certifications.

Benefits of Certification:

·         Is nationally recognized and is recognized by CMS under F Tag 680

·         Increases your credibility

·         Shows others you have the skills to do the job

·         Is a mark of excellence

·         Demonstrates the individual has the knowledge to assure quality programs

·         Reflects achievement

·         Gaining a competitive edge over your non-certified peers

·         Promotes confidence to those you serve

·         Is an investment in your career and your future

You have two options for National Activity Certification.  Check them both out to see which is best for your circumstances.

The National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center (NAAPCC) offers a Board Certification recognized by CMS under F Tag 680. Two recognized certifications are offered:

·         Activity Professional Board Certified (AP-BC)

·         Activity Consultant Board Certified (AC-BC)

The NAAPCC is following the standards set forth by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. As a result, NAAPCC does not require any specific course as that is considered by NCCA standards to be a conflict of interest. NAAPCC also does not offer any education as that also is not allowed by NCCA standards. NAAPCC is ONLY a credentialing body with a separate firewall between education and credentialing and separate Boards for each. NAAP has their own board and neither Board influences the decisions of the other Board, also a requirement for NCCA accreditation. Other certifications with NCCA accreditation are CTRS, MT-BC, ATR-BC, CPT (certified Personal Trainer), etc. NCCA is known nationwide for providing accreditation to areas in healthcare, wellness, exercise, etc. 

Please go to and determine which PATH is best for you to follow toward your certification. You may already meet all requirements and only need to take the online comprehensive exam.


The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) also offers                     two certifications recognized by CMS under F Tag 680:

·         Activity Director Certified (ADC)

·         Activity Consultant Certified (ACC)

NCCAP does require all applicants at any level to take their Modular Activity Professional Course (MEPAP). Please go to and see which Track is best to follow. NCCAP also offers several other certifications and designations that do not fall under F Tag 680. Please be aware these certifications are not required by any entity nor recognized under F Tag 680.


The only other certifications recognized under F Tag 680 is the CTRS,OTR, and COTA.


Please let us know if you have questions about certification and we will help you or direct you to the appropriate person.